Tramp Brasil manufactures high quality trampoline and tumbling equipment since 1992. We use the best materials available in our market and unique manufacturing processes developed in house that allow us to offer a world class product at very competitive prices. The Brazilian Trampoline Association had used our trampolines since their beginning. Today, they hold a World title in the 17 year Girls Synchronized competition in Hanover, 2003. You can only reach such an acomplishement if you have trained with world class equipment. Now Tramp Brasil equipment is available locally in USA, and all over the world through our network of freight agents.

This is how our customers feel about our products:
"I was recently looking to purchase new quality competition equipment for my team program. I wanted my athletes to be able to go from the gym and into a meet without the added difficulty of being on drastically different feeling equipment. I did a very in depth search of all the equipment I knew about, even though I expected in the end I would purchase Euro equipment. I talked to a lot of different gyms, coaches and elite trampolines. In the search I came across Tramp Brasil, which had a very good looking product and their prices were well below there competition, but being the skeptic that I am I wasn't about to just run out and purchase it with out being able to get a hands on look at the product. After a lot of deliberation we worked out deal where I was able to tryout a Tramp Brasil for 30-days and see if I liked it. He sent me a Double-Mini trampoline at my request. At this point I was still very skeptical that it would match up to the equipment that we usually compete on at meets, but I also new I had to give it a fair chance. I was impressed with the equipment from the time that I unpacked it. I liked the look of it right off and it unfolded and set up easily. But how would it bounce that was the real test? We used it heavily for the first week in the gym and all of my athletes loved it especially the older ones that really bounce high. We went ahead and kept working it hard for a month and it just got better the more we broke it in. After 2 months I was so impressed with the D-Mini that I just had to try one of their trampolines. I have been equally impressed with 7x14 folding trampoline. Of all the trampolines in the gym the Tramp Brasil is the one that they all want to be on. As a gym owner I think the thing that sold me on Tramp Brasil besides the way they bounced and how the athletes liked them was the quality of the beds. I know when I look down the road I wanted a product that was going to last a long time. I didn't want to even think about having to replace the bed every year or even two, and some of the other gyms that I talked with were doing just that."
David Hulsey
Tenacious Tumbling and Trampoline.
Springtown, Texas
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